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Creating Local Packages

Creating your own NuGet packages is easy. There are a set of files at the root of the repo for package creation:

  • PlexCMS-Web-PreInstall.nuspec
  • PreInstall.ps1
  • PlexCMS-Web.nuspec
  • PostInstall.ps1
  • PlexCMS-CreatePackages.ps1

You can use NuGet.exe to pack them or try and use the PowerShell script provided.

Creating Packages using PowerShell

  1. Build PlexCMS (Debug|AnyCPU)
  2. Navigate to the root of the PlexCMS repo.
  3. Execute/Run PlexCMS-CreatePackages.ps1

Two NuGet packages should be created in the current folder.

See Also: Hosting Your Own NuGet Feeds

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