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PlexCMS began as a simple Content Management System with the following goals:

  • Embrace and Extend the MVC Framework - There are no complex APIs to understand nor integrate with to provide your customer with CMS functionality. If you understand the ASP.NET MVC Framework, C# and Razor syntax you will immediately be able to use PlexCMS.
  • Prefer Convention over Code - No need for 'yet another database', no messy configuration files, and no code-writing is required to incorporate PlexCMS into existing MVC Applications.
  • Release via NuGet - PlexCMS is not distributed via WebMatrix, nor Web PI, the primary method of distribution is NuGet. NuGet provides the workflow necessary to deliver PlexCMS for both new and existing MVC applications.
  • Provide a Non-Entrenching Solution - KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid); The motto backing the code. If it's not necessary, it's not going to release. If we do something that would dramatically change the ASP.NET MVC experience, it's not going to release.

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